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Autumn 2021£22.6m funding secured for new manufacturing research facility

Funding has been secured for a new research facility in Rochdale, which will support the rapid growth of the UK’s machinery manufacturing sector.

Machinery manufacturing is used in a wide range of industries like pharmaceuticals, food and drink, and automotive components.

The Advanced Machinery and Productivity Institute (AMPI) will stimulate and support the sector as it transitions to automated and autonomous robotic systems. It will also enable invention, and increase the adoption of new machinery and robotics through UK equipment manufacturers.

NPL will be working in partnership with Rochdale Development Agency (RDA), Rochdale-based companies including precision machine tool maker PTG Holroyd and CR Solutions as well as Fives Landis, Wayland Additive, and several universities including Huddersfield, Salford and Manchester.

It is hoped that support provided through AMPI and its partner organisations will benefit businesses across the region, and positively impact direct and indirect local employment, as well as UK industry export.

Long term, AMPI is expected to grow the UK’s advanced machinery capability to a £2bn export capacity within 10 years, establishing over 30,000 high value manufacturing sector jobs.

Gareth Edwards, the AMPI Programme Director at the National Physical Laboratory, said: “Through this programme the team will deliver ground-breaking innovation, provide a platform for UK industry to develop its ideas and be a beacon of diversity and opportunity for people coming into the field."

Dr Tony Bannan OBE, CEO of Precision Technologies Group (Holroyd), said: “Manufacturing is not only a key driver of economic growth, but also an essential part of the UK economy, contributing £192bn per year.

“Through AMPI our aim is to help ensure UK manufacturing is equipped to lead the way in the creation of tomorrow’s intelligent, integrated manufacturing technologies – as well as the materials those machine tools will use.

“We believe that the creation of a new, highly accessible centre for innovation in specialised machinery and machine tool technologies and productivity will help put UK manufacturers of all sizes ahead of their counterparts in Europe and beyond, by focusing on the development of advanced manufacturing processes that don’t exist today."