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Autumn 2021Dale Supporters Trust

The Dale Trust is much more than an old fashioned supporters’ club. Having formed in 2004, we see our primary role as acting in the best interests of our members and also of the football club. We do this by meeting regularly with the club, and reporting back to our members.

We are a democratic organisation and are driven by the wishes of those members. We regularly engage with supporters and feedback to the club to ensure the wishes of the fans are met. All major decisions and donations have to be backed by the members.

We currently have over 1,100 members which is a record total by some distance. This is mainly in part due to what can only be described as a summer of chaos at the club, with two directors removed from the board, a new board and chairman appointed and then a fight against a hostile takeover. This is all new to what is traditionally one of the most stable clubs in the EFL.

These are worrying times for any supporter of a lower league football team with the lack of money filtering down from the Premier League coupled with almost eighteen months without crowds due to Covid. With that, it is essential that the club and the supporters are on the same page. We believe we have that with the new board that are now in place, and we would stand against anything which challenged that or would be detrimental to the club.

We often hold social events such as quiz nights and fans’ forums – not to mention our legendary curry nights where we invite a former Dale great to join us. Our exiles branch for fans outside of Rochdale now has over 300 members from all across the club.

If you wish to join us, you can either do so online at or come and see us in the Dale Bar before any home match at Spotland. Membership is just £5 for the 2021-22 season.