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Autumn 2021Hairdressing Trend - Twilighting

Twilighting is all about brightening up a brunette base colour with little to no required maintenance, using subtle, lit-from-within, cooler tones. The secret of this beautiful technique is subtle tone while increasing a brilliant shine, it adds a hint of lift with a sumptuous cool sheen. It’s fresh, new, with a twinkly glow and is suitable for all brunettes.

We asked senior technician at Gregory Couzens, Georgia Matthews how to achieve this look.

Georgia said: “First of all, you have to determine the undertones of the skin colour. This is unique in everyone and is crucial in deciding on the best choice for colour.

“Amirah has cooler skin tones, so to complement this I recommend taking the base colour slightly lighter, this creates a brighter look with softer undertones. I then added a mix tone of purple; this is the exact opposite on the colour wheel to yellow and is the secret to achieving a beautiful cooler sheen."

Is Asian hair difficult to colour?

“First of all you have to understand the various colours and textures within the Asian community. Generally speaking, individual strands of Asian hair are much thicker and stronger because they have a lot more cuticle layers. In order to achieve a beautiful result, we have to open up the cuticle to allow the colour pigments to penetrate; I recommend using much more colour and increase the processing time.

“Asian hair tends to be dark brown; this deep colour contains a higher amount of natural red pigment, so, when lifting the natural hair colour a few shades lighter, it can have a tendency to have an orange reflection in bright sunlight."

Twilighting is the new must-have look for the year: lighter, brighter, but much cooler.

Founder of Couzens Hair Studio
The Walk, Rochdale