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Summer 2018Choice of homes in Rochdale town centre to be transformed

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) has pledged £25m over the next five years to “help transform and improve the quality and choice of homes in Rochdale town centre, as well as delivering wider improvements including new green space, walking and cycling routes aiming to ensure that the town centre thrives for years to come”.

Gareth Swarbrick, RBH Chief Executive, said: “This year we celebrate five years of being a mutual housing society, and our mutual way of working has helped us to provide better services for our customers, deliver new affordable homes, and create communities where people choose to live and work.

“Unlike other housing providers we are solely focused on Rochdale borough, so we are committed to supporting the local economy, by using local businesses where we can, as well as helping to create new job opportunities for local people.

“We also want to make sure that Rochdale is the best possible place to live and grow old in, so we want to modernise our services to make sure that we can provide extra support to those who need it most, making sure that our older tenants can remain independent in their own homes for longer.

“We will deliver new affordable homes across our towns and villages, with a focus on improving quality and providing a more balanced mix of homes and creating vibrant communities.

“That is why we have committed £25m of RBH funds to play our part in delivering new homes and a brighter future for Rochdale town centre, in addition to our wider investment in communities across the borough.”