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Summer 2018Hot Topic: Lisa Stansfield

'DEEPER' is Lisa's latest album

Written by Lisa and her song-writing partner, Ian Devaney, produced by Ian & Mark ‘Snowboy’ Cotgrove, and with Lisa taking the role of executive producer, ‘Deeper’ is the iconic soul singer’s eighth studio album.

Speaking about the record, the Grammy nominated, multi BRIT, Ivor Novello and Silver Clef Award winner said: “Creating this album was a wonderful adventure. I really believe there’s a special something in this record. I’m so excited to let it go out into the big wide world with pride.”

The album consists of groove, funk, soul and signature vocals.

‘Deeper’ track listing
1. Everything
2. Twisted
3. Desire
4. Billionaire
5. Coming Up For Air
6. Love Of My Life
7. Never Ever
8. Hercules
9. Hole In My Heart
10. Just Can’t Help Myself
11. Deeper
12. Butterflies
13. Ghetto Heaven